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Comprehensive Threat Defense
for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

The enterprise-grade cybersecurity your business needs at a price you can afford.

Large enterprises aren’t the only targets of corporate data breaches and hacks. In fact, 43% of all cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses.

Avow Security understands that as a SMB, you are just as much at risk, if not more vulnerable, as a larger organization when it comes to ever-evolving cyber threats. That’s why our threat defense architecture is strategically designed for you, and is fully managed by our own security experts at a cost-effective rate.

Our enterprise-grade packaged solution is:


A Bundled Solution Pre-Vetted By Security Experts

Avow’s seasoned cybersecurity specialists have sought out the most comprehensive, yet cost effective, solutions for the security needs of the SMB. Only the best-of-breed products that meet our extensive criteria are integrated to form our comprehensive program, which focuses on the solutions most necessary to upholding an SMB’s cybersecurity.

This careful evaluation and compilation by Avow:

  • Spares you the work of shopping around for individual solutions.
  • Unifies solutions for integrated coverage where threats target.
  • Provides simplified, seamless protection for your business.


A Subscription-Based Model that Fits Your Budget

Avow delivers our program of security solutions via a single, reasonably-priced subscription service, making it as economical as possible for small to mid-sized businesses to create a strong, end-to-end security foundation. It includes everything your organization needs to address the core aspects of effective security, from Next-Generation Firewall to Incidence Response.

When you subscribe to Avow’s program, you’ll:

  • Gain full cybersecurity coverage for one predictable price.
  • Immediately onboard a team of cybersecurity experts — as a natural complement to your existing IT team.
  • Have more time and resources to focus on what’s truly important to driving your business’ bottom line.
always on security

Always On

24/7/365 Managed Security Coverage—Right Away

As an extension of your business, the Avow team works to ensure you have constant cyber protection. Through Avow’s Security as a Service model, you can leave the complete management of your security practice to us.

Avow’s experts oversee the ongoing optimization of all installed security solutions from the moment they are implemented and provide proactive alerting to help prevent and mitigate threats before they arise.

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A Programmatic Business Solution

In just a few steps, you can achieve comprehensive cybersecurity across your entire business. Avow lessens the time it takes to secure your business without adding significant costs.

Our robust program combines people, processes, and technology to form one seamless, programmatic cybersecurity solution.

With Avow, you’ll gain:

  • Cybersecurity experts with the prerequisite skills necessary to identify Indicators of Compromise.
  • Proactive alerting to varied threats, keeping you ever-aware and always protected.
  • Includes the key technologies you need to reduce your cyber risk exposure.

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